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Host a Course / Become Convenor

Requirements for hosting a course:
  • A good size venue is needed for the lecture and practical elements of the course with about 8-10 beds, chairs and space needed depending on the course PARTICIPANTS.
  • Audio-visual equipment such as a projector, screen or wall, extension cords, adaptors, adequate lighting for showing slides are necessary

Course Host Responsibilities:

Prepare the course venue for the course with the required chairs, beds, tables etc. at least 1 hour before the start of the course so that registrations can take place assist with local marketing of the course to your surrounding clinics, hospitals and your own database along with PHYSIONEEDS marketing.

CHECK supply OF the AV equipment and ensure the set up is as per the instructor’s requirements.

A dedicated person will facilitate opening up and locking up, organise teas, help get attendees signed in and registered, possibly introduce the instructor if required, hand out the manuals and materials and collect the course evals at the end of the course etc.

If you are interested in hosting a course please send us an application email to: info@PHYSIONEEDSACADEMY.COM describing your venue, the course you want to host and your suggested dates and we will respond and try and make this course happen for you and your dept.

We look forward to hearing from you and making your choice OF a profitable AND SKILLFULL PHYSIONEEDS course for you.

About Trainer

Dr. Chakshu

Dr Chaksu is the Owner/ Director of a very successful practice- Pain Free Zone Physiotherapy. Her approach to treatment is a very eclectic one as she is trained in many disciplines and believes that integration is key to every individual’s healing process. She has numerous clinics with more than 25 Physiotherapists throughout Delhi, she also runs Dry Needling courses around the globe. She has also presented in various symposiums and conference on the topic of DN and trigger points.

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