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Intern Fellowship Program | India

A little about IFP

If you are looking to learn and have plenty of hands on experience, look no further. We have partnered exclusively with India’s most reputable Phyiostherapy clinic and association – Physioneeds Academy and Pain Free Zone to accommodate this very enriching end fulfilling time in India! Come experience it for yourself the number of patients you will be seeing in a day with supervision and total immersion of clinical experience all whilst learning, networking and have a holiday!

IFP | Intern Fellowship Program

Program description

This program is designed to allow participants who wants to learn extra modules on Manual Therapy, Neurology, Clinical Assessments and come back with more applied clinical knowledge. With a full immersion of a week into learning clinical palpation, assessments, treating patients of all sorts of pain and background. You can sure look forward to having more confident after the IFP and yet be able to enjoy the littlest thing in life and take your journey into what how you manage your time with patients. Get insights from reputable doctors and physiotherapists that will be teaching you from the moment you land! You would be surprised that India does not have a shortage for great doctors and therapists!

Program’s aims

IFP experience provides learning like no other through close collaboration with Sports Physiotherapist, Neurologists, MSK Physiotherapists, Movement Specialists and specialists from many background to broaden your scope of thinking and diversify your practice once you come back to your home ground. The IFP aims to challenge individual’s critical thinking, clinical reasoning and efficiency in treatment with the diversified team that will be lecturing you throughout the stay in India. There will be a plethora of upgrades for individuals who wants to add on speciality courses like Taping, Dry Needling, Manual Therapy, Neurology and much much more!

Program Outcome

Delegates for the Intern Fellowship Program will leave with a broad abundance of knowledge from manual therapy, clinical palpations, treatment settings and so much more. Learners will as well get to spend more quality time on a one on one settings with the facilitators to ask anything they have up for discussions. You will leave a much more confident practitioner whatever your background with the current hands on experience and lectures that are designed to challenge individuals. See things from a different perspective and open up your mind to many other possibilities of treatment offered around the world and keep up to date with the current trend as everyone in India is more updated than what most of us think!

IFP Program at a glance

What is covered:

Day 1

  • Lectures9-10 am
  • Hands on Session10-12nn
  • Lunch12-1pm
  • Clinical Studies1-3pm
  • Clinical Placement3-5pm

Graduation requirements:

Show proficiency in verbal cues
Show proficiency in hands on approach
Be present for all lectures and clinical placement(we will not issue the program’s certificate if this isn’t met)
Show professionalism in conduct during clinical placement


While there isn’t a pre-requirement for this, we suggest that you are well equipped with gross anatomy and physiology to catch up on principles and concepts during your internship program. Nevertheless, we will be brushing up your anatomy and physiology to make sure that everyone will be well to go through the program visiting clinics seeing patients.


  • Physiotherapists
  • Exercise Specialists
  • Rehab Specialists
  • Strength / Conditioning Coach
  • Personal Trainers
  • Group Instructors
  • Chiropractors
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Manual Therapists

IFP Program is inclusive of:

Airport pick up to hotel(two ways)
Transport to clinic or events(two ways)
Daily Manual Therapy Session Practice(10-20hours)
Daily Lectures on MSK, Sports Injuries, Neurology etc
Sports Injury Centre 1 Day
Pain Free zone(New delhi) 4 Days
Lab coat for clinical placement
Study Materials
Additional Add ons for courses | Dry Needling | Taping | PNF | Neurology(separate charge)
What is granted upon completion:Fellowship Program Certificate
Length of course: 5 Days, 40 Clinical Hours
Credentials earned: IFP
2 Days of Delhi and Agra City tour(optional)

“Don’t wait anymore and take this exciting learning journey with us through the hustle and bustle! We can guarantee that you will come back with plenty of skills upgrade and amazing stories to tell about India after the program! “
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