Physioneeds Academy

Certification Program On Blood Flow Restriction Training

Course Curriculum:


(Basic Level )

1 Introduction of BFRT
2 Basics of Exercise Science and Hypertrophy
3 Physiology of BFRT
4 Materials and Methodologies in BFRT
5 Doppler Application and ABI Evaluation
6 Indication and Contra-Indications in BFRT
7 Mechanical and Metabolic Reflexes
8 Active and Passive BFRT
9 Future Scope of Practice in BFRT
10 Clinical Protocols in BFRT


Advance Level

1 Lower Body Strength Training
2 Upper Body Strength Training
3 Sports Specific Functional Training
4 Rehab Versus Performance Enhancement in BFRT
5 VO2 Max Training With BFRT
6 Post Fatigue Balance Training
7 BFRT Application in Special Population
8 Nutrition and Supplemental Support


Highlights of the Course :

ACL Rehab
Tennis Elbow
Fracture Rehab
Osteoporosis Rehab
Geriatric Rehab
Early Hypertension and DM


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Who this is for:

  • Physiotherapists 
  • Exercise Specialists 
  • Rehab Specialists 
  • Strength / Conditioning Coach 
  • Athletic Trainers 
  • Osteopaths 
  • Chiropractors 
  • Medical Practitioners 
  • Sports coach
  • Healthcare professional
  • Manual Therapist 
  • Personal Trainers 
  • Fitness trainer

Students will receive:

  • Course Manual
  • Certificate



  • Theory online/offline Examination
  • Practical- Individual Testing

What is granted upon completion:

  • Certificate of BFRT
  • Length of course: 8 hours

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